Welcome to WizBot!

A Multipurpose Discord Bot

WizBot is a highly-functional Discord bot that offers a range of features including music, moderation, utilities, games, and XP tools. We are dedicated to continually improving and updating the bot to ensure that it provides the best possible user experience. We believe that WizBot can be a valuable asset to any Discord server, and we hope you will consider giving it a try.


Currency System

Has its own virtual currency that users can earn by participating in activities or completing tasks within the bot. Users can then use this currency to purchase special items, unlock exclusive features, or participate in games or other activities.


This feature allows users to earn experience points (XP) and level up within the bot as they use it. As users level up, they will unlock new benefits and rewards, which can include special roles, access to exclusive channels or features, and more.

Gaming/Fun Commands

Includes a variety of games and other interactive features that users can enjoy. These can include trivia quizzes, word games, or other challenges that are designed to be fun and engaging for all users.


Includes a range of tools and commands that are specifically designed for server admins and moderators. These can be used to manage the bot and its users, including the ability to kick or ban users, set up channels and roles, and more.

Permission System

Has a flexible permission system that allows admins to grant or revoke access to certain features or channels based on a user's role or status. This helps to keep the server organized and ensure that users have the right level of access to the features they need.

Club System

Users can join or create their own clubs or groups within the bot, which can be used for organizing events, discussing specific topics, or just socializing with other like-minded users. Each club or group can have its own set of rules which are set by the club owner.

Custom Prefix

Users can set a custom command prefix for the bot, which allows them to choose the characters that will be used to trigger bot commands. This can be especially useful for users who want to set up custom commands or who want to avoid conflicts with other bots or services.

Bilingual Commands

Supports multiple languages, so users can choose to use commands in their preferred language. This can make it easier for users who are more comfortable speaking a different language to interact with the bot and its features.

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